Become a Supplier

At Betta Boxes Recycling Company, we understand disposing of cardboard boxes is an expensive, time-consuming hassle for many Perth businesses.

That’s why we work closely with businesses to improve their environmental and financial outcomes by scheduling regular collection of their clean, uncontaminated, and quality cardboard boxes.

We call them our Suppliers.

From coffee roasters and wineries to healthcare companies and food and beverage manufacturers, our cardboard box suppliers come from a range of industries.

If you have a surplus of clean, uncontaminated, and quality cardboard boxes
and are looking for an environmentally sustainable, regular disposal solution, contact our friendly team.

We’ll save you time and money so you can focus on your business.

Apply to become a supplier now

You’ll need to nominate a contact person and have your company name, email, phone number, Australian Business Number and any information about the boxes you have to complete the form.