Our Mission

Our Values guide us in shaping our culture, how we want to operate our business, and what we care about most.

Act with Integrity
We act with integrity and honesty and strive to do the right thing, putting people and planet first. We are honest in our behaviours, actions, and operations.

We are committed to our staff, customers, suppliers and the environment. We commit to providing a great service, adding value and improving the environment for future generations.

Customer Focus
We strive to provide an efficient, friendly and supportive experience for our customers. We will be accountable in all that we do to provide a quality service and product for our customers.

We are continually improving and evolving to provide a better, more efficient customer experience.

Embrace change and drive action
We believe we can change the world one box at a time! We are dedicated to making a change in the world through thoughtful and positive action. We’re not afraid to try new things, challenge ourselves and learn from those experiences. We are strategic in our decision making and we’re proud of what we do.

How do we reuse and recycle boxes from businesses?