About Us

Betta Boxes Recycling Company has been driving the circular economy of cardboard boxes for more than 20 years.

Our Mission is to protect the environment by providing a responsible cardboard recovery and reuse service in Western Australia. We do this by retrieving used carboard boxes from companies across Western Australia and putting them back into the supply chain for reuse.

By maximising the recovery of cardboard boxes in this way, we:
• Reduce the amount of cardboard entering landfill
• Minimise energy consumption associated with reprocessing carboard
• Keep the carboard circulating in our local economy (instead of
being sent interstate or overseas)
• Keep the costs down for businesses and our customers

At Betta Boxes Recycling Company, we deliver low-cost, environmentally-friendly solutions for packing, shipping, storing and moving.

From packing tapes to environmentally-friendly bubble wrap; we also offer a range of packing supplies.

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, reliable and supportive customer experience. We are flexible to the needs of our customers and will find the most suitable service/product to suit your packaging needs.

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